Monday, April 26, 2010

Sex and the City– take a bite of the Big Apple!

Every appearance aficionado is cat-and-mouse for the cine sequel. Now Mandarin Oriental, New York, gives you a adventitious to alive it up Carrie-Miranda-Samantha-Charlotte style! From 1st May to 6th Sept 2010, you can opt for the Sex and the City package. Guests will get to analysis into a comfortable apartment with a appearance of the NYC skyline. Not aloof that – a limo will booty you about SATC hotspots, including archetypal locations like Carrie’s home, Samantha’s club and the fav brunch area of the foursome. After a day of OTT glamour, you arch aback to the auberge and accept from a cocktail card that boasts drinks like Simpy Mr Big, Carrie Cosmo, Clearly Charlotte, Miranda Takes Manhattan and Samantha’s Forbidden Apple.

Goa Chic at Bombay Electric TONIGHT!

Goa Lounge ability meets French Chic with this fresh accumulating of accessories and motorcycle helmets, deisgned by Chris Balzac. A traveller who begin himself abandoned in a apple in North Goa back the tsunami addled India in 2004, Chris absitively to use his time decorating his Royal Enfield. The aftereffect was a gold-coated bike and a helmet with Hindu deities. Now, afterwards 6 years of analysis and development, Chris launches GOACHIC, a ambit of helmets, fragrances, hand-painted biking baggage and more. The affair is at Bombay Electric tonight and we can’t wait!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jewelers Design & Technology

It is the art of designing various jewelries, accessories, and other objects of design so that the status and the modern statement of the people are reflected in the society. This is an ancient practice of the goldsmith and metalworkers that evolved to a billion-dollar industry with the odyssey from ancient cultures into the machine age. Due to the evolvement of fashion technology, Jeweler Design has been seen a rapid change. Lot of new technology was involved in designing the jewelers. Lot of new way of recycling the jewelry are invented, its a good way to refresh the finished and unfinished inventory items. Various countries jewelry design culture and technology were incorporated with the help of new Technologies like 2D and 3D software’s to satisfy the modern world people.

High Tech Fabrics

High Tech Fabrics is one of the new evolved Fashion Technology. The future of the textile and clothing sector lies not in constant price cutting but in more intelligent products with additional functionality. To exploit new technologies fully, however, a multidisciplinary approach is required involving networks and a dialogue between researchers, manufacturers, applications specialists and marketing professionals. In the last few years technology has brought us a number of new fabrics. We find fabrics now designed to resist bacteria, keep you cool, warm, or dry. Some fabrics will resist bullets and abrasion; others will block ultra-violet rays, repel insects, or just make you look better also Feel good clothing is being made from SeaCell, derived from algae. Healthcare products include: LifeShirt; SmartShirt; and knee bandages and gloves with artificial muscles and stretch sensors. Protective clothing includes: SwissShield, containing a thin silver-plated single copper filament to protect against radiation.

High Tech Fabrics fabric delivers these important characteristics:

  • UV Radiation Protection
  • Color Fastness
  • Weatherproof
  • Ultrasonic Fabric Bonding & Laser Cutting

What is Fashion Technology

What ever is thought to make in fashion requires some or other form of technology to convert it into a tangible form. That is where technology comes in with fashion i.e. when you require converting the idea into an object. Fashion leads the world & it will continue to do so through times. Human can not be ever segregated from fashion. With the advancement of new age we envisage tremendous change. Fashion has always been an artistic expression symbolizing decades of societal progress. Trends are always changing and evolving, ultimately demanding that fashion technology act smarter, edgier, and faster than ever before. Technical innovation has enabled everyone from the casual seamstress to large design houses to stay ahead of the trends. To be abstract Fashion Technology is the study and intersection of the fashion and technology industry.